A bit about me.....

Artist and illustrator born in Birmingham in 1967 I have always had an enthusiasm for all things creative. I have always been in the industry from designing shop windows to working as a picture framer. This last role gave me the confidence I needed, I was framing other people’s work and I knew what I really wanted to do was paint.

I studied painting and Illustration at Falmouth School of Art before furthering my art studies at Hereford College of Arts and University of Southampton. I predominantly work in acrylics and my work is influenced by the works of N.C and Andrew Wyeth and Anthony Green R.A.

My aim is to share my experiences to evoke an emotional response to the landscape, cityscapes and objects that I’m seeing. I have been fortunate enough to travel to USA, Asia, Africa and across Europe. I am influenced by what I see around me, so I take many photographs which I use in my studio in Westbury, Wiltshire to bring those images together into one piece of artwork.

Throughout the year you can find me at one of the Contemporary Art Fairs previously held in Reading and now at Windsor, Surrey and Newbury. I also aim to take part in regional shows such as the Bath Art’s Fair and solo exhibitions and open studios throughout the year.